Country Hammer!


Hey everybody, I’ve got a new band, Country Hammer! A good name, I know. We’re playing my original country music, in somewhat of a classic fashion, but a little quirky as well, with a big ol’ six piece band. We’ve got Jim Miller (when geography allows) on Telecaster and harmony vocals, , Rob Adesso on Telecaster and harmony vocals, Ethan Lawton on drums, Mary Maass on fiddle, Country Dave Harmonson on pedal steel, Michael Connolly on bass, and me on guitar and songwriting and singing. We’ve got some shows coming up this fall and winter, all around the PNW. Do come check us out.

We’ve already been in the studio, and have a 12 song full length record coming out in the spring, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

I’ve got a new Facebook page started for it as well, so head on over and like ‘er, if you would.