Country Hammer

DIRT-CD-0071 cover SQUARE

Live in Paonia, Colorado, shot by Lost Cabin Productions and KVNF

The Flower of Muscle Shoals, the debut full-length album from Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer, is a sparkling country gem from front to back. After releasing several recordings as part of acclaimed old-time duo Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, Morrison has further embraced the country music that shaped his youth. While offering up the comforting sounds of country and western’s roots, the album plays more like a new classic than a dusty Nashville relic; glimmers of influence from the days of Hank Williams all the way to Dwight Yoakam pepper the album’s twelve tracks. Morrison’s commanding vocals steer listeners through the expansive landscape of his songwriting, marked by the subtle, yet striking truths he conveys with poetic ease. The Flower of Muscle Shoals lilts and swings through graceful arrangements of guitars, pedal steel, fiddle, bass and percussion, with a rich texture and genuine approach that is sure to rouse any fan of country and old-time music.


Cahalen Morrison makes new roots music that walks the same line as John Hartford and John Prine. His guitar may not kill fascists but it sure helps me through the day. 
His new solo recording “Flowers of Muscle Shoals” brings loose limbed small town honky tonk right to your smart phone. Steel, fiddles, and Ray Price shuffles ride through wide open spaces. As always with this little New Mexican giant, there’s some great lines. “The sea drinks the river, the delta devine” and “Up amongst the do gooders, I feel so all alone.” “Over and Over and Over Again” is a great drinkin’ song where the music climbs higher and higher and higher as our protagonist sinks lower and lower and lower.
-Tim O’Brien

Songwriter, Singer, Multi-instrumentalist